Customer Reviews

Here is where customers can write up a review on their orders.  Please let me and everyone else know how your experience with WitchenCrafts was



3 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. I have ordered a giant Minion, a beautiful Witch, 4 Goddess dolls, a Sun, an Owl, and 2 Egg guys so far and I luv them all. They are so well done, stitches are flawless, the designs are just what I wanted and more. Prices are amazing, I will definitely be ordering again and I highly recommend her to everyone. 5 stars for sure.


  2. I have recieved many handmade gifts for my son from Witchen Crafts (Tami) & I love them! He loves them as well! The amount of time and care she puts into every item shows.


  3. I ordered 2 pairs of the crocheted slippers and told TamI I wanted obscure colors. She was able to locate the colors for me and they fit like a glove. I would.recommend anyone with swelling in feet getting a pair. Five stars


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