One Round Holly Leaf Cluster Pattern


Green and Red Cotton Crochet Thread, size 10

No. 5 Steel Hook (these were used to get an approximately 1 inch leaf)

Tapestry Needle


• I have not tested this yet, but this pattern should work fine with any size hook and any size thread or yarn. (If you try this, let me know how it works up) • Embroidery Floss can also be used for this pattern

Special Stitches

• When crocheting in foundation chain, use the back “humps” of the chain stitches How to work in back hump of foundation chain

• French Knot How to make a French knot on crochet (I wrapped the thread around the needle 3 times to make the “berries” stand out more)

Stitches Used

• SlSt – Slip stitch

• CH – chain stitch

• SC – single crochet

• DC – double crochet


• With green, CH 8 (leaving a long starting tail for use in assembly)

• SC in 3rd CH (back hump) from hook, *SLST in next CH, (SC, DC, SC) in next CH (repeat from * twice. SLST twice in end CH, turn (working in back side of foundation chain now) (SC, DC, SC) in next chain, SLST in next chain, (SC, DC, SC) in next CH, SLST in first chain of starting chain.  Finish Off.


• Overlap rounded ends of 2 or 3 leaves and whip stitch in place with starting tail. • With Red thread or embroidery floss, make 3 French knots (As shown in Picture).

• Tuck in loose threads. Finished! Now have fun creating with them


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